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Policy Statement

This policy and procedure is to ensure that The Company remains up to date and is able to respond in the event of a member of staff, Service User or contact, contracting the virus (SARS coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2)) which results in the disease COVID-19.

The Company needs to meet the legal requirements of the regulated activities for which it is registered to provide under: -

o The Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020

o Civil Contingencies Act 2004

o Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002

o Equality Act 2010

o Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Registration and Regulated Activities) (Amendment) Regulations 2015

o Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974


The Company recognise that the outbreak of a new strain of Coronavirus SARS Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) which results in the disease COVID-19 is a fast-moving situation. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that it is now as a pandemic. As care providers, ensuring robust infection control and business continuity plans form part of preparing business for any events that can cause disruption to the normal business. 

The Company will ensure that staff are aware and understand the importance of pandemic preparedness and will carry out preparations by following the checklist in the Pandemic Policy and Procedure. We understand that business continuity planning involves all aspects of the business and to be effective we must work with our partners, suppliers and commissioners to ensure that a safe and effective service can be maintained.

The Company understands that we have a responsibility for ensuring that staff follow good infection control and prevention techniques and that we support our Service Users with this too. As a business we will ensure that staff have access to reliable information, to reduce anxiety and dispel any myths and inaccurate information, that may cause worry or distress to staff, Service Users or the wider public.


Reducing the Risk of Contracting or Spreading the Virus The Company will ensure that staff follow the WHO and NHS advice to reduce the risk of contracting the virus  and the risk of spreading it. The following procedures must be followed.

If you have symptoms of Coronavirus infection (COVID-19), however mild: -

· Self-isolate at home for 7/14 days from when your symptoms started. This action will help protect others in your community while you are infectious.

· Ask your employer, friends and family to help you get the things you need to stay at home.

· Stay at least 2 metres away from other people in your home if possible.

· Sleep alone, if possible.

· Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, each time using soap and water, or use hand sanitiser.

· Stay away from vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

You do not need to call NHS 111 to go into self-isolation. If your symptoms worsen during home isolation or are no better after 7 days, contact NHS 111 online. If
you have no internet access, call NHS 111. For a medical emergency dial 999.

Hand washing

Staff should wash their hands: -

· Before leaving home,

· on arrival at work,

· after using the toilet,

· after breaks and sporting activities,

· before food preparation,

· after using public transport going shopping etc,

· before eating any food, including snacks,

· before leaving work and

·on arrival at home.


Staff will follow confidentiality and GDPR policies and procedures to ensure that the details of staff involved in caring for Service Users with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 is kept confidential. Staff must also respect each other’s confidentially and take care not to inadvertently share information when using social media. Where staff are suspected or confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, their personal details should be treated as confidential, as they would be for any other Service User.

Identifying Possible Cases of the Virus

· A temperature of 37.8 degrees or above

· A new continuous cough

They must stay at home and self-isolate for 7/14 days from the onset of the symptoms. Unless the individual feels very unwell, they do not need to contact 111.

Actions if a Service User Meets the Criteria and Displays Symptoms

We will contact the Local Authority and the local health protection team for advice. Public Health England will provide advice to the person infected and will carry out all contact tracing 

Advice will be given to the member of staff if they need to self-isolate and what action will need to take place for any Service Users that they may have had contact with

If a member of staff reports that there are concerns about their children, close family, friends who they have had close contact with, the local health
protection team must be contacted for advice.

We will ensure that confidentiality is maintained and that records are held in line with Data Protection Act requirements

In the event of someone who is symptomatic, closure of the office or workplace is not recommended. We will contact Public Health England (PHE) local Health Protection Team to discuss the case, identify people who have been in contact with them and advise them on actions that should be taken.

Rubbish Disposal Including Tissues

All waste that has been in contact with the individual, including used tissues, continence pads and other items soiled with bodily fluids, should be put in a plastic rubbish bag and tied. The plastic bag should then be placed in a second bin bag and tied. This must be left in a safe place for 72 hours when it can be disposed in the normal waste system.

Cleaning the Office

Office staff will keep all door handles, toilet, computers, telephones and all areas clean. Hand sanitiser will be available in each room anybody entering the office must wash hands and sanitise.

People affected by this service should be aware of the following:

A Coronavirus is a type of virus. Corona viruses are common across the world. Typical symptoms of Coronavirus include fever and a cough that may progress to severe pneumonia causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. This new virus is called SARS Coronavirus 2. The disease it causes is called COVID-19

There is no vaccine currently for this virus. Washing your hands regularly with soap and water will help prevent the spread of the disease. Try not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands

It’s ok to feel worried or anxious. The Company has plans in place to make sure you will get the care that you need

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Registered Manager.

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